Application Portfolio

The following is just a selection of the many projects successfully undertaken by Quinze Development.
Please note that some screen shots display earlier Windows styles.

Address manager Interfaces with office applications and purchasing system. Separate versions for SQL Server and local (custom) database. Variants to handle suppliers and contract data.
Assets register An equipment asset register with fully-integrated maintenance log and reporting. Direct barcode reading. Based on SQL databases, interfacing with many other applications.
Audio copying Operational equipment control application, interfacing with digital matrices and external machines via RS464. Also interacts with broadcast bookings system.
Automated database transfer 24-hour server-based application to carry out scheduled tasks and monitoring. Includes data transfer between different types of SQL and VAX databases.
Broadcast bookings Management system for audio/video operations, with dual interfaces to accept requests direct from requisitioners and to provide operational information for carrying out the work. Also operator time-recording and charging mechanisms. SQL.
CD back up Files back up system for storing updated data on recordable CD-ROM.
Customer and order database Database system for a shop, tracking customers and orders. Includes calendar and appointment facility with interface to e-mail.
Electrical equipment testing Application, based on a portable PC, to assist in the testing of equipment under the Electricity At Work Act. Two-way interface with test apparatus. Data stored in local Paradox tables with import/export to SQL Server.
Database administration tool SQL Server performance monitor.
Data format converter Three-way converter between csv files, Excel spreadsheets and VAX Coda input format.
Document library Publication indexing and location database. Cross-referencing, search tools, etc. Paradox.
Hand-held computers Interface between PC and Psion hand-held computer.
Information tree Hierarchical information storage and retrieval system, stored on Paradox database.
Job management Job and project management system, including control of correspondence, timesheets and invoicing. Used daily in the running of Quinze Development!
Odyssey 5000 Total Facility Management for the TV and Film Industry.
Reports shell Front end to configure, select and run database reports. Typical report
Scheduling Extensive extensions to commercial scheduling application based on SQLBase, whilst maintaining integrity of latter system. Includes charging and management reporting.
Slides 35mm slides database and interface.
Staff and leave management Staff database with associated leave application, authorisation and reporting system. Separate front-ends for use by personnel department, managers and staff. Makes extensive use of mail. SQL.
Stock control Comprehensive stock control, request, ordering and progress tracking system. Also equipment hire and cost recoveries. Includes direct faxing of orders and variants by department. SQL Server.
Teletext Client and server applications to receive and display Teletext pages off-air in response to user requests.
Traffic crash analysis Comprehensive database for traffic crash data, with plot of accident locations onto national grid-based maps. Paradox.
Traffic counts Processor and reporting tool for traffic counts data.
Voluntary group administration Membership and financial database for a cycling organisation.

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