Quinze Development is an independent custom software developer with more than 25 years experience of producing specialist applications, databases and web sites. We provide services for businesses, traders, individuals and voluntary organisations, and are pleased to undertake sub-contract development work for other software houses.

For small businesses, traders and people working on their own

Quinze Development can offer applications, databases and web sites at very competitive rates for small businesses and sole traders. Examples include a scheduling and accounting package for independent teachers, a recording system for contract work and business databases of various kinds. We may have something now to meet your needs or we can create or customise applications specially for you.

For clubs, groups and hobbyists

Quinze Development has a long experience in developing membership and finance databases and other applications for clubs and groups and is responsible for many group websites. We can offer concessionary rates to voluntary organisations.

As an example of the services we can offer to hobbyists, we have a sophisticated genealogy web package for displaying family history.

For companies and public bodies

Quinze Development specialises in database development and interfaces involving SQL Server, Paradox, Access, etc. We also have experience of equipment control, and produce help files, manuals and other documentation.

Contact us now

Quinze Development offers a speedy, flexible service, offering good value at competitive rates. For more information, please send a message, or telephone John Franklin on (+44) 01242 512881.

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